07 March 2019

ProFood Tech: See you in Chicago!

This year too, from 26 to 28 March, Galdi will be in Chicago to attend ProFood Tech (Booth 645)

The trade fair will be a key opportunity to showcase the very best of our production and to expand the roster of US customers - including Cumberland Dairy, Clover Sonoma, Nature's Soy and Kroger - who have already chosen Galdi.

Indeed, Galdi’s extensive range of RG fillers for Gable Top cartons will be represented by our RG270UCS.

Why visit us?

Expressly conceived for the US market, the RG270UCS best embodies Galdi’s technical research and development philosophy: highest hygiene standards, maximum reliability and fully versatile filling technologies designed to suit an incredibly large variety of products, from liquid eggs to vegetable drinks.

Meanwhile, representing the great Galdi family in person, our Export Area Manager Enrico Mandoloni will fly to Chicago after a short visit to our Delaware Service Center.

Listen to Enrico as he explains the 3 reasons to book a consultation with him at our booth:

Visit us in Chicago: Book your no-obligation consultation!

Book your spot and get your free three-day entrance pass using the promo code 78E79 at the end of the registration process on the trade fair website.

Click the link below to book your consultation:

ProFood Tech, we’re on our way.

See you in Chicago!

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