15 September 2022

Cascina Italia chooses Galdi's RG80 Filler for Liquid Egg

The first model of Galdi's new RG80 series is now operational at Cascina Italia, providing high hygienic performance and constant efficiency

Cascina Italia has recently begun packaging liquid egg in Gable Top cartons with the RG80, Galdi's first digital native machine!

For the company, which has been distributing egg products in different formats and packaging styles, the introduction of liquid egg in Gable Top cartons opens up new scenarios and business opportunities.

In this article we share Galdi's experience with Cascina Italia.


Cascina Italia, owned by Gruppo Moretti, is a leading egg processor, supplying both shell eggs to major retailers and egg-based products to renowned food manufacturers.

Italian spirit, attention to raw materials, supply chain control, sustainability and innovation are the aspects that best define the company.

Before approaching Galdi, Cascina Italia had been packaging liquid egg in 1kg Brik® cartons (with no cap), using an aseptic system that had reached its EOL.

Hence the need to find a replacement, as Silvia and Ruggero Moretti, CEOs of Cascina Italia, explained:

"We knew we needed an upgrade and we wanted an innovative and efficient plant. We had also been considering Gable Top cartons because they represent both an innovative and sustainable packaging solution. And we were very interested in the 250g format for the retail market".

Versatility, sustainability and the opportunity to widen their customer base: all these benefits favoured the transition to Gable Top cartons.

The only thing left to do was to choose a packaging system that would live up to expectations!


Cascina Italia was looking for a medium-capacity packaging machine that would ensure high and consistent hygienic performance levels.

With its specific configuration for liquid egg and high hygienic performance standards, the RG80 was the perfect fit, featuring:

  • Automated CIP and SIP systems
  • Flexible DDF dosing unit
  • Inert gas dosing unit

Besides these specific features, the RG80 offers several competitive advantages, notably:

  • Usability: guided procedures and user-friendly monitoring simplify the work of operators and maintenance technicians - even less experienced ones.
  • Production control: a digital native machine, the RG80 gives access to a range of critical digital services to control and improve production.
  • Low impact: the packaging machine is designed to minimise consumption and waste (packages, caps and product).
  • Advanced diagnostics: thanks to digital systems like our monitoring tool MaSH, the RG80 provides valuable production data and flags anomalies. This results in increased production efficiency and optimised maintenance. Furthermore, direct remote support ensures faster troubleshooting and problem solving.

These were all positive and reassuring aspects for Cascina Italia. Silvia and Ruggero Moretti, CEOs of Cascina Italia, said:

"We required a packaging machine with Industry 4.0 technologies, and that could be integrated into our systems. We were very impressed with the RG80’s ease of use. And production efficiency is amazing too: we were expecting 95%, but it even gets to 99%!".


Cascina Italia purchased the first series model, taking advantage of the benefits of the Beta Site contract, both in terms of investment and services.

From the initial stages to production start, we supported the customer with a dedicated team of specialists, covering the following areas of expertise:

  • Sales
  • Technical
  • Design Engineering
  • Microbiology
  • Software design
  • Specific requirements (dosing)

It's been a very productive cooperation. Support and consultancy activities also included broader aspects of the processing plant, such as the management of cleaning cycles and the integration of the packaging machine into the existing production line.

Following the start-up stage, Galdi technicians have continued to monitor production remotely thanks to the RG80's connectivity capabilities.

While production has just started, we are confident that the RG80 can meet - and exceed - the expectations of Cascina Italia.

And, no matter what, we will be on hand to offer our assistance, supporting the company to achieve the desired results!