04 August 2022

Galdi's Fitness Area: Training for Well-Being

A space for the mental and physical well-being of Galdi's employees, the Fitness Area is now open!

Officially opened in the first half of 2021 and located right next to Galdi's Italian headquarters, the Galdi Village, a place to fill is the new facility dedicated to promoting innovation, staff well-being and community engagement.

Following the opening of Galdi Bistrot, the company’s new catering concept built around the quality and seasonality of ingredients, the Fitness Area is now open for business too!

Eat, live and work healthy!

The Galdi Village embodies the company’s philosophy, with its focus on well-being, growing together and a desire to always get better.

Galdi Village: watch the video of the opening ceremony!


The Fitness Area was designed with a twofold objective: to give our many physically active staff members a place “to work out at work”, and also to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for all employees!

For this reason, the gym floor is fully equipped with:

  • 2 benches
  • 1 OMNIA 3 machine for functional/TRX training
  • 1 rowing machine
  • 2 spin bikes
  • 2 treadmills
  • Weights and dumbbells
  • Medicine balls / Mats

Besides the free-access area, several classes are held by experienced professionals, including Pilates, posture, functional and mindfulness training!


In order to improve the mental and physical well-being of Galdi employees, we are now offering a Mindfulness course too.

The goal is to provide "practical tools for a better quality of life”, with lessons focusing on specific topics that are important and relevant both inside and outside the work environment, such as:

  • Improving concentration skills
  • Managing emotions
  • Improving relational well-being
  • Developing creativity

Classes are held in the Fitness Area, but employees can also attend online from home!

As with the Mindfulness class addition, the wellness and fitness program mix will be updated regularly.

Our present and future goal is to provide a constant incentive for self-care and improvement, helping to create a healthy and happy work environment!