06 July 2022

RG280: Higher production efficiency with Galdi's new filler

More efficient packaging processes, more stable production levels, lower costs and fewer unknowns: with the RG280, digital innovation is your guarantee for performance!

Galdi and production managers share the same goal of improving the efficiency and profitability of the packaging process!

Our solution?

To start with, our customers benefit from our digital ecosystem, a powerful mix of innovation, know-how and services!

We've already discussed the advantages of digital native packaging machines with regards to simplicity and usability.

Today, we’ll have a look in more detail at the RG280's new features that deliver better production efficiency, repeatable performance over time and round-the-clock optimization!


For production managers in packaging plants, being able to schedule production and avoid that unexpected downtime or other issues force plans to be revised, with consequences on production costs, is a top priority.

Keeping tabs on your packaging machine's health status is the first step to achieve high and consistent output performance.

And here lies the strength of digital native packaging machines: developed along with digital services, they give customers direct access to the full potential of new technologies.

Through the MaSH platform, for example, our customers can access production indicators for the whole line - not just for the filling machine - with updated OEE data in compliance with the new EN 415-11 Directive.

This comprehensive and in-depth overview of the system's strategic KPIs - such as the MME (including downtime caused by the filler, MTBF or MTTR) or the number of rejects - is essential to improve processes or the areas that most affect production efficiency.


In terms of diagnostics and anomaly detection, with the RG280 we are really entering a new area. Sure, this is the result of technological progress, but also of Galdi's research in the field of Machine Learning!

Thanks to enhanced sensors and increasingly accurate algorithms, the RG280 can transmit a huge amount of data, turning it into exceptionally valuable insight, in full compliance with your privacy and information security requirements.

What does this mean to you?

Improved troubleshooting

The packaging system not only processes and flags any anomalies or malfunctions, including deep-level ones, but - through the Help feature - also suggests the steps for your packaging machine to run properly again.

In addition, the system's connection capabilities allow Galdi technicians to offer customers full remote support, ensuring maximum responsiveness and reducing the need for interventions, which ultimately result in lower service costs.

Downtime prediction

On the RG280, automations and tracked processes are not only a guarantee for greater production efficiency.

They also enable users to predict anomalies that could lead to early component wear, drops in performance and even - in the worst case scenario - production interruptions or the need for urgent repairs.

Continuous performance improvement

The review and monitoring of your packaging process efficiency not only enable you to predict problems, but also to continuously improve your output performance.

The RG280's connectivity, coupled with the expertise of Galdi technicians, allow for a steady fine-tuning, which optimizes the packaging machine's processes and functioning over time.


Besides the direct benefits in terms of increased production efficiency, digital innovation also enables us, as packaging machinery manufacturers, to offer new competitive and valuable services.

Our engineers are in fact developing new software which will make it possible to schedule maintenance operations based on actual machine use. This will enable us to offer personalized maintenance plans - the first step towards predictive maintenance.

All this leads to a major reduction of your TCO, thanks to:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduction of urgent repairs
  • Better spare parts management
  • Consistent performance over time

As explained in this article, the RG280 is a next generation packaging system when it comes to production efficiency. But this applies to several other areas too.

Discover the new standards we achieved with the RG280 regarding:

Superior hygienic performance

Performance repeatability

Waste and consumption reduction

Usability and simplicity of use