21 October 2022

Galdi Introduces New 3-A-Compliant, 2-Liter/Half Gallon RG270 Packaging Machine

With this new configuration and the 3-A certification, our RG270 packaging machine will be attracting even more customers, in the United States and Canada too!

We are delighted to introduce Galdi's new RG270 Gable Top packaging machine for 2-liter / Half Gallon cartons, which is also 3-A certified for the North American market.

  • Series: RG270
  • Speed: up to 5.000 cartons/hour
  • Carton cross sections: 91x91 mm & 95x95 mm
  • Fill volumes: 2.000 ml – Half Gallon - 1.750 ml – 1.500 ml


One of the leading models in Galdi's product portfolio, the RG270 is engineered to offer:

Moreover, for the packaging machine we used a "platform" design model, which enables us to deliver the most fitting configuration based on customer needs and also integrate future upgrades.

The RG270 is available in several product-specific configurations: