16 April 2020

History and Evolution of the Galdi RG50 Filling Machine

Today we want to share some "historical" and present-day details about the RG50, Galdi's best-selling filling machine in the world!

Suitable for milk and plant-based drinks, but also for liquid egg and dry food, this great little filler (up to 3,000 cartons per hour) has become very popular among small and big manufacturers worldwide.

Let's see why.


If we were to ask our customers to describe their RG50 machine, we bet that the most recurrent definition would sound like this: simply unstoppable!

Few electronic components, high reliability and ease of maintenance: the fact that some models have been in operation, non-stop, for 30 years testifies to these qualities.

For small- and medium-sized dairies, the machine's versatile configuration is also very important, since the same filler can handle several packaging types – in terms of volume, height and exterior design – and therefore fulfil small orders for different customers.

Given its excellent value for money, the RG50 model can also be the ideal solution for producers wishing to launch a new product on the market, making a relatively small investment in order to reduce risks.

It's worth mentioning that Galdi tests the most innovative products, and which have never been packaged before, on the RG50. Thanks to its design qualities, the filler can accurately adapt to the new product, relying on the "easiness" and mechanical precision of the filling system.


Initially, the packaging machine - which was designed by Galdino Candiotto, the company's founder - was called RG47, indicating the number of pieces produced per minute (2,820 cartons per hour). After restyling the machine, capacity increased to 3,000 cartons per hour and the name was changed to the current one.

The redesigned machine could also handle a larger variety of packaged products.

Originally conceived for fresh milk (lasting up to 7 days), the RG50 model was redesigned to accommodate the Ultra Clean module, which increases the shelf life of dairy products to 21 days, in combination with an advanced pasteurisation unit.

It was this hygienic design upgrade that made the RG50 popular around the world, and also a best-seller among filling machines for liquid egg.

The machine's mechanical design hasn't changed much over the years, with the exception of a few technical improvements introduced thanks to customer feedback and to more accurate finishes resulting from the cooperation with our suppliers.

Clearly, electronic components are constantly updated, in line with technological progress and advancements in the industry, with new products like the ultrasonic generators for cap welding and PLC systems.


For many years, due to its above mentioned characteristics, model RG50 has been one of the best-selling food filling machines in Europe.

Most machines are concentrated in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and, of course, Italy; the Balkan and Baltic markets are also growing.

Many RG50 machines are to be found in Russia too, where the reliability and technical qualities of our packaging machine - distinctly "Made in Italy" values Galdi strongly believes in - are much appreciated.

Elsewhere in the world, several fillers were installed in Africa, Central and South America, Indonesia, and in the United States.

And now, after almost 40 years, model RG50 is getting ready for a thorough upgrade. The goal is to further enhance the machine's benefits, borrowing some characteristics from our higher-end model (RG270) and also introducing new exclusive features.

We can't reveal more right now.

Stay tuned!


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