30 June 2022

RG280: Galdi's user-friendly filler that simplifies your work

Faster, more efficient and above all easier to use: the RG280, Galdi's new packaging machine, is designed to make your work easier. Find out how!

With the launch of the RG280, we have entered the era of digital native packaging machines.

Which means you can rely on more powerful and smarter machines, capable of receiving, processing and transmitting critical data to monitor processes and predict potential problems.

These machines can also be seamlessly integrated and configured on the basis of existing systems and customer requirements.

Actually, though, the real revolution has to do with simplicity and usability: our goal was to enable anyone who uses the machine to make the most of the latest advancements.

Thanks to the integrated tools, Galdi's next generation packaging machines are designed to:

  • simplify the work of operators, maintenance technicians and production managers
  • make customers more self-reliant in problem solving
  • guarantee a continuous fine-tuning of the equipment
  • offer remote, real-time & proactive support for troubleshooting and to boost productivity



The new HMI has been completely overhauled; the new features streamline the tasks of all machine users, considering their specific objectives.

The panel offers a range of features to suit the requirements of different users, with dedicated navigation paths for:

  • Operators, including less experienced staff
  • Production managers
  • Maintenance operations managers
  • Quality managers

Since our goal was to ensure maximum flexibility of use, we made relevant data, functionalities and solutions easily accessible.

The Wizard mode, for instance, guides operators through daily procedures, providing constant support to improve operations and troubleshooting.

In fact, the main purpose was to optimise time management and reduce downtime, and thus improve production performance indexes.

The system is a valuable help for maintenance staff too. Let's say, for example, that a spare part needs configuration: the operation can be performed automatically by the machine itself or remotely. It's all about connectivity!


Thanks to its advanced sensors, the RG280 can record quantitative and qualitative data that are critical to monitor production and the proper functioning of single machine parts.

Through the Help function, the huge amount of information, data and alarms is translated into concrete actions that help operators to quickly identify and fix the cause of a problem, making troubleshooting and problem solving more effective and quicker.

This data is also critical to take the next steps toward predictive maintenance and personalised maintenance plans based on actual wear.

And it’s an essential asset for Galdi too, since it enables us to provide the customer with valuable insight into how the machine is working, while suggesting actions to boost performance.


The machine's built-in tools ensure a continuous fine-tuning of the packaging equipment.

Since the systems are connected, Galdi's highly-skilled technicians can assist customers - during production and maintenance operations - remotely too.

Rest assured - you can rely on our first-rate assistance services to quickly fix problems and also improve efficiency in the long-run. This is an additional guarantee if you are looking to reduce your Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and keep your output consistent!

The result? A user-friendly, intuitive and smart packaging machine.

Read more about the other milestones we achieved with the RG280 in the areas of hygiene performance, performance repeatability, and waste and consumption reduction.

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