01 September 2022

GALDI Inc. is growing: discover the latest innovations at PACK EXPO International

As we get ready for PACK EXPO International in Chicago (October 23-26, 2022), we share an interview with Christopher Radford, Galdi's new Technical Operational Manager for the American market.

With PACK EXPO International just a few weeks away, Galdi is looking forward to introducing its latest product: the RG280.

The show will also be an opportunity to meet our many American customers and tell you more about the growth of Galdi Inc., our Service Business Unit based in Delaware.

Today we are delighted to share an interview with Christopher Radford, who will act as the main contact for all our customers in North, Central and South America.

Christopher Radford, Technical Operational Manager - Galdi Inc.

Hi Chris, welcome to Galdi! Tell us a bit more about yourself and your background

I received a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Virginia and served for 7 years in the US Navy as a Nuclear Submarine Officer.

After the military, I took a position in Quality with a major medical device company and moved to Michigan. This job fueled my passion for systems thinking and continuous improvement, resulting in many years of helping other organizations worldwide implement Lean methodologies and obtain ISO certifications.

My first venture into Gable Tops was in 2010 with Boxed Water, helping them transition from co-packing to operating their first Gable Top Filler (not Galdi unfortunately), ultimately operating 2 facilities and distributing across North America. I was delighted to join Galdi this year as Technical Operational Manager for the Americas.

What do you do in Galdi?

As Technical Operational Manager, my primary role is to grow our US Parts & Service Team supporting the many Galdi Fillers spread across North/Middle/South America.

The continued success of Galdi Fillers has resulted in the placement of 4 more fillers in North America in the last 12 months, along with customer commitments for fillers in Canada in the next 6 months.

With a US Parts Warehouse and US-based Engineering Support Team, I find myself being a key point of contact and resource for our customers operating in the US.

How does your arrival fits into Galdi's strategy in America?

As mentioned above, Galdi’s expansion into the American Gable Top Filling market continues, with several new machine placements.

Our strategy is to fill the growing need for environmentally friendly packaging with ever increasing customer expectations for extended shelf life.

Being based in America with over 11 years of Gable Top experience, I can quickly help customers identify proper operational solutions and provide many years of equipment support to ensure safe and profitable operations.

Let's speak about Pack Expo International, which will be held in Chicago on October 23rd-26th. What will Galdi present?

Galdi is excited to introduce the new RG280, the solution the American market was missing!

This next-generation Gable-Top packaging machine for ESL and delicate products is designed to raise market standards in the segment of medium capacity food fillers! Plus, a compact footprint and good value for money translate into competitiveness and tangible guarantees for our customers.

There are many key advances with this new filler and I would like to highlight 3 here:

  1. Superior and consistent Hygienic Performance for greater guarantees
    A real game changer in terms of hygiene standards, the RG280 comes with fully automatic external cleaning, SIP process with pressurised steam and a highly performing carton and cap disinfection system.
    To ensure that the hygiene and integrity of the product are retained until consumption, we developed a robust and flexible sealing system providing highly accurate and consistent sealing performance levels, and also excellent aesthetic results with all packaging and cap configurations and sizes, ultimately enabling us to fulfill more stringent aesthetic and tightness acceptance specifications.

  2. Built-in Digital Services for higher production efficiency
    Developed along with digital services, the RG280 gives customers direct access to the full potential of new technologies.
    Through the MaSH platform, our customers can access a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the system's strategic KPIs (such as the MME, OEE or number of rejects).
    Improved troubleshooting, downtimes prediction and bespoke maintenance lead to a major reduction of your TCO: the RG280 is a next generation packaging system also when it comes to production efficiency!

  3. Safety and Sustainability for consumers, operators and the environment
    Despite more powerful and higher performing automation solutions, we also managed to reduce consumption, resources and product waste, while enhancing safety for operators and consumers.

While we are very proud of the results reached with the new RG280, your production may not require the many advancements present in this new machine.

For over 30 years, our focus at Galdi has been to design, manufacture, install and maintain machines that ensure the highest food safety standards and consistent performance over time. We have the experience and expertise to find “a Solution for Every Need!”, so come visit us at Booth LU-7361!

Thank you Christopher and see you in Chicago!

Thank you for allowing me to share a little about myself and Galdi! I look forward to sharing more with the many attendees at Pack Expo in Chicago on October 23rd-26th at Booth LU-7361.

Please reach out to me to request a complimentary pass to this event – christopher.radford[at]galdi.us or register for free clicking HERE

See you at McCormick Place! (October 23-26, 2022 / Booth LU-7361)