14 July 2022

RG280: Galdi’s next-generation Gable Top packaging machine

Introducing the new RG280: superior hygienic performance and all the benefits in terms of usability and top production performance that come with digital native machines - the guiding principle being "Raising standards".

The RG280 is a next-generation Gable-Top packaging machine for ESL and delicate products, designed to raise the standards in the segment of medium capacity food fillers.

While requiring a lot of research and experimentation, this ambitious project has also led to a number of Galdi-exclusive innovations!

The following are the key strengths of the machine, which translate into competitiveness and tangible guarantees for our customers:

  • Superior hygienic performance
  • Hygienic performance repeatability
  • Simplified user experience
  • Production efficiency improvement
  • Safety and sustainability




Hygiene is a key element in extended shelf life (ESL) packaging.

The RG280 was designed with an ambitious goal in mind, namely to offer the highest hygiene standards in Gable Top packaging systems for delicate and ESL products.

We successfully achieved this goal thanks to Galdi's experience in the packaging industry, extensive research efforts in the area of microbiology and a number of important decisions to manage to overcome the limits of the most popular solutions in the market:

  • Package and cap disinfection with vaporized hydrogen peroxide (35% solution);
  • SIP sterilization using pressurized steam;
  • Hygienic chamber with airflow management and self-adaptive system;
  • External cleaning by soda and acid recirculation.

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With the RG280, Galdi's engineers and technicians were looking to build a packaging machine with the best hygienic standards, while also making sure hygienic performance levels remain consistent over time.

To achieve this result, they focused on making processes independent from external factors.

Here are some of the solutions they developed and implemented:

  • Package and cap disinfection with vaporized hydrogen peroxide (35% solution): removes the risk of inconsistent disinfection performance due to improper concentration, which is a recurrent problem in systems using 3% peroxide solutions.
  • Self-adaptive airflow management system: through tests, simulations and thorough design work, air flows inside the chamber are monitored continuously. The system can also self-adapt to external changes, thus reducing the risks of re-contamination.
  • External cleaning by soda and acid recirculation: fully automated, it guarantees more effective and thorough cleaning than foaming systems.
  • Perfect sealing: to ensure that hygienic performance is maintained until consumption, our engineers further refined the sealing process, making aesthetic and tightness acceptance specifications more stringent, for smaller formats with cap too.

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The RG280 ushers in the era of digital packaging machines. This is a huge step forward when it comes to simplicity and usability.

The new HMI is designed to improve the work of machine operators, thanks to different layers and specific features based on the user's job.

The goal is to simplify operations and troubleshooting as much as possible, particularly through the:

  • Wizard mode - guides even the less experienced operator through daily procedures, the main goal here was to optimize operator work time.
  • Help feature - helps operators and maintenance technicians detect and quickly troubleshoot issues; on top of that, Galdi technicians can take action remotely without the need for on-site visits.

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Production managers share two main goals: scheduling production without having to worry about anything and improving the efficiency of the packaging process.

In this respect, Galdi's next-generation RG280 packaging machine offers new guarantees. Actually, even more than that, as it provides an ecosystem of resources and solutions.

The RG280 is, indeed, a powerful and smart packaging machine, designed from the onset to offer a range of digital services that are going to simplify, and improve, the life of our customers.

Thanks to next-generation sensors and the development work carried out by Galdi specialists, the RG280 guarantees:

  • Advanced monitoring: from timely MME to OEE data, in compliance with Directive EN 415-11.
  • Anomaly detection: the smart system, combined with in-depth monitoring, enables customers to detect even the smallest anomaly, and therefore predict unexpected downtime.
  • Remote support: thanks to the RG280's connection capabilities, Galdi specialists can provide immediate and "deep" remote support, ensuring quick troubleshooting.

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Galdi has also put a lot of research into the development of high performing solutions in the area of safety and sustainability, a commitment we share with our customers.

Once again, we took a holistic approach, with solutions addressing several specific areas and functions in the packaging machine:

  • Package disinfection: while the system delivers better hygienic performance thanks to vaporized peroxide (35% solution), Galdi engineers still managed to ensure that emissions and residues are well below legal limits.
  • SIP sterilization: by using pressurized steam instead of peracetic acid solutions, water consumption is reduced by 400 cubic meters per year and we also eliminate the use of chemicals (saving approximately 1,000 kg per year).
  • External cleaning: compared with foaming systems, the use of recirculating soda and acid drastically reduces water and chemicals consumption and is 10 times less expensive.
  • Food waste: thanks to its highly accurate and flexible filling system, also due to the high degree of automation, the RG280 minimizes product and carton waste.

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