30 March 2022

MM S.p.A. Chooses Gable Top Cartons For Water

Municipality-owned Metropolitana Milanese (MM) S.p.A. has chosen Gable Top cartons for the supply of drinking water on special occasions. The new packaging plant has just opened!

On 22 March, Milan's Councillor for the Environment and Green Areas Elena Grandi and MM S.p.A.'s top executives attended the opening ceremony of the new packaging line for water in Gable Top cartons supplied by Galdi.

The company's goal was to replace plastic with a more eco-friendly container for municipal water on the go - called “The Mayor’s Water”, as it is commonly referred to by residents.

The water packaged in the new plant - available in either 330ml or 500ml cartons - is going to be used in the offices of the Municipality of Milan and its subsidiaries. It will also be supplied during emergencies and to the catering establishments of Milano Ristorazione. It may also be distributed during special events in the Milan area, including Milan's signature "weeks" (fashion, design, etc.), concerts, cultural and sporting events.

Milan was the first public authority to make this choice. Galdi has strived to provide MM S.p.A. with as much support as possible!


Getting expert advice about the packaging process was paramount to MM S.p.A.

To respond to this need, Galdi mobilized all available resources, arranging regular meetings and providing ongoing support:

    Galdi and FILL good specialists helped MM S.p.A. choose the material, caps and formats of the cardboard container. We also shared machine consumption and cap impact data needed for a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis of the entire project.
    Galdi was in charge of the whole project for the new packaging plant, from concept to installation. We conducted safety and ergonomic analyses and shared best practices for site and supplier management.
    We provided full support in the area of microbiology too. Here the exchange of know-how between FILL good's microbiologist and MM S.p.A's lab technicians proved particularly productive.Galdi's specialists advised MM S.p.A. on many other key issues too. These include: chemicals management to reduce environmental impact; drafting of the HACCP manual; scheduling of regular analyses; customization of plant-specific cleaning recipes.


Galdi and Artema Pack supplied the machinery for the entire packaging line and designed the layout of work areas too.

The line includes:

  • Galdi's RG50MINI filling machine, configured for water. Currently handling 300ml and 500ml Gable Top cartons, the machine can be configured to also handle 250ml cartons in the future
  • Artema Pack's Wrap Around case packer for secondary packaging, ensuring maximum flexibility and reliability
  • Auxiliary equipment: CIP and SIP cleaning units, booster unit and cooling unit
  • Automation: robot, pallet wrapper, conveyors.

Following Fonte Margherita (Italy) and Theoni (Greece), Gable Top water cartons are becoming increasingly popular.

We are proud to be part of this small but big green revolution, as we have been promoting this eco-friendly packaging solution for over 30 years!