08 February 2022

Low capacity and maximum efficiency: here is the RG21!

Low-capacity & highly competitive: the RG21 is the entry-level packaging machine for those looking for maximum efficiency and low investment costs.

The RG21 is the smallest machine in Galdi's product range. Filling up to 2,000 cartons per hour (cph), it has become one of our best-selling models over the years.

This is thanks to its competitive price and the fact that it fits the requirements of customers looking for a high-quality packaging machine with low production volumes.


Due to its characteristics, the RG21 is very competitive if you are looking for a low-capacity packaging machine with low investment costs.

Based on our experience, the RG21 filling machine can play a strategic role in three industry-specific scenarios. Let's have a look:

  • For small dairy manufacturers looking to launch own-brand products, the RG21 is the ideal packaging machine, guaranteeing access to local distribution channels and higher margins.
  • Several liquid egg processors have chosen the RG21 to see how the market responds to the introduction of Gable Top cartons for their product. A low-capacity packaging machine (up to 1,000 litres/hour), the RG21 is ideal if you want to explore a new market segment with relatively low investment costs.
  • For those looking to start a new business using Gable Top cartons for packaging, or launch a new product without having to make a large investment, the RG21 packaging machine comes at a competitive price and ideal production volumes. Moreover, since the machine's output allows for manual secondary packaging, you won't need to invest extra money in end-of-line machinery.

The advantages of Galdi's flexible procurement solutions also help reduce your investment costs.


Besides being a compact packaging machine, the RG21 is extremely reliable and has low maintenance costs.

The use of electronics was kept to a minimum, in favour of mechanical solutions designed to ensure efficiency over time.

While external foam cleaning is done manually, CIP and SIP cycles are automatic and can be configured to be connected to the production plant's circuit or our Self CIP unit.

Time to market from placing the order is 4 months.

For larger production volumes (up to 3,000 cartons/hour), we recommend the RG50, our mid-range model, featuring higher hygiene performance and automation levels.


Like all Galdi packaging solutions, the RG21 is a versatile machine, capable of handling all types of cartons, with and without cap.

It's ideal for dairy products, liquid egg and fruit juice.

Available formats range from 1 to 4 or 5 litres (the preferred package size of fresh dairy products for pastry- and ice cream shops).

With an output of up to 2,000 cph, the RG21 is available in different configurations, depending on hygiene performance requirements and desired shelf life.

Depending on format and configurations, varying packaging speeds can be achieved:

  • 1 litre package, Fresh and Clean configuration: up to 2,000 cartons/hour
  • 1 litre package, Ultraclean configuration: 1,000 cartons/hour
  • 2 litre package, Fresh configuration: 900 cartons/hour
  • 4-5 litre package, Fresh configuration: 400 cartons/hour