02 May 2019

4 Tips to Optimise the Packaging Process

Find out how we can help you reduce waste and malfunctions throughout the whole production line

Achieving a streamlined, efficient packaging process is one of the main goals of any production manager.

With our skilled after-sales staff and technical experts, we can offer highly qualified advice for minimising inefficiency, waste, and malfunctioning throughout the whole production line, from Gable Top filling to end-of-line packaging.

In this article we will share four useful tips to optimise packaging while improving production performance.

Call an efficiency expert

Galdi’s specialised technicians will examine the whole process line directly on site and provide advice on both brand new machines and already working plants.

The monitoring of the packaging process will help detect possible issues in order to:

  • Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Avoid unexpected downtimes
  • Reduce carton waste
  • Minimise slowdowns while switching between products or formats
  • Reduce end-of-line slowdowns
  • Adopt manufacturing best practices for streamlined workflows

Specifically, this latter aspect is paramount and considerably adds value to our service. By following our technicians’ suggestions, our clients will manage to keep efficiency in the long term, save money and time, and avoid machine malfunctioning.

Invest in training

The analyses performed at our clients’ premises have shown that to different operators correspond different performances.

Indeed, the operator’s technical know-how is strictly connected to two of the key factors for an efficient filling process, i.e.:

  • MTBM (Mean Time Between Failure): A more skilled operator will keep the machine efficient for a longer time, thus keeping downtimes to a minimum.
  • MTTR (Mean Time To Repair): When it comes to efficiency, the operator’s ability to manage any machine malfunctioning autonomously and in a timely manner is of the utmost importance.

Both factors can be optimised by training the operators and servicing staff that work with filling machines.

That is why Galdi offers on-site Personal Trainer services: our clients may benefit from customised training courses or job shadowing activities, in which one of our efficiency experts works side by side with the client's operators for a longer period.

Choose the right secondary packaging machine

Improving the efficiency of the Gable Top filling process also means focusing on the end-of-line phase.

In brand new installations, it is important to consider the whole process line and choose the most suitable secondary packaging machine. This will prevent end-of-line slowdowns and reduce the time needed to start production.

With Galdi’s recent acquisition of Artema Pack – a leading company in the manufacturing of secondary packaging machines – we can now offer fully comprehensive filling solutions designed for primary and secondary packaging, as well as consultancy for any step of the entire process line.

Improve performance monitoring

Keeping performance indexes under control and monitoring proper machine operation with daily and weekly reports will help improve production output and achieve a steady performance.

To this end, Galdi has recently introduced MaSH (Machine System Health), our remote system that constantly monitors the health and performance of the filling machines.

At the moment, it is available on our top-of-the-range filling machines RG270, but will be available soon also on RG50 models.

Let's meet!

We put at your disposal a strong experience to guarantee tailor-made solutions, designed to optimize the packaging process, with an eye to production performance.

Come and meet our team, contact us and schedule your appointment to visit our headquarters and see how we are organized.


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