11 May 2023

The evolution of Gable Top cartons and Galdi's flexibility

Gable Top cartons are constantly evolving and so are our packaging machines! Galdi brings added value to your packaging operations. Read on to find out more.

Flexibility is one of the most distinctive features of Galdi packaging systems. We create machinery that can evolve with customers and the market.

This value is crucial to keep up with new Gable Top packaging solutions on the market, today and in the future.

New packaging styles and trends

The world of Gable Top containers is constantly evolving.

Even after more than 100 years, Gable Top cartons constantly improve. Over the last few years, the increased focus on sustainable solutions has led to a number of developments, including the following:

  • Introduction of new paper types (e.g.: brown paper)
  • Increase in bio-based polymers (such as sugarcane and corn) used in the mixture of materials
  • Cartons have become lighter
  • Cartons contain less aluminum (or are aluminium-free)
  • Introduction of tethered and bio-based caps

With the introduction of new materials, including those made from renewable sources, global paper manufacturers are working to maintain the same shelf life performance.

In this ever-changing scenario, being able to rely on packaging machines that can deliver optimal performance for any type of paper is critical.

8 reasons to choose Galdi

All Gable Top cartons on the market have been tested on our packaging machines

We conducted tests and analyses on all kinds of Gable Top packets currently available on the market.

Working with the world's leading food packaging manufacturers, we also tested prototypes for new packaging solutions, assessing their compatibility with the packaging process.

Thanks to research and development, we can manufacture bespoke packaging machines for every existing Gable Top carton.

Once the ideal packaging configuration for their filler has been determined, our customers can rest assured: the entire "machine system" is set to ensure maximum efficiency, regardless of changing variables such as format, paper type and design.

Want to change paper? No problem!

Acting as an independent partner, Galdi is the only packaging machine manufacturer in the world that actively cooperates with all paper suppliers in the world.

Our customers are therefore free to change their Gable Top carton supplier in response to market developments and their own drive for innovation.

In order to configure a packaging machine so that it can accommodate a Gable Top packet type that was not included in the original configuration (say, for example, you change paper, redesign the bottom or choose a Sense or Infinity carton type), you only need an upgrade.

Galdi packaging machines are designed to adapt - through micro-adjustments - to the specific characteristics of your chosen carton.

This way, they can "evolve" and accommodate new packets without the need for major investments, thanks to the integrated design philosophy.

This is important during the installation phase too, because we can work with Test paper before the customer decides on what packaging to use, and later set up the machine for the final configuration, with only minor changes needed.

Multi-pack packaging

Galdi packaging machines are designed to handle several packaging configurations.

Depending on customer requirements, we can manufacture packaging machines with up to 8/10 different configurations.

This means that the same machine can fill:

  • Multiple volumes: 250ml, 330ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml, 70x70 cross-section
  • Multiple styles: different top (Asymmetric, Diamond, Curve, Sense) and bottom designs
  • Multilayer cartons made from different materials, like traditional PE carton, brown paper, EVOH and aluminum foil

Through this versatility, customers gain a competitive edge, especially food manufacturers - who work with multiple brands and fill products with different shelf lives - and those not wanting to rely on a single paper supplier.

In-depth packaging know-how

Testing, research and continuous training: the keyword is know-how!

Alongside our expertise in packaging systems, we also have in-depth knowledge of multilayer cartons.

We know how they behave during filling, folding and sealing.

We have tested the compatibility of different types of paper with specific products and multiple formats and materials.

We have also carried out studies and implemented solutions to ensure that packaging, product and machine integrate perfectly.

Thanks to FILL good, our customers can also rely on the expertise of our packaging development and food safety specialists to help them choose the best Gable Top packaging solution for their product and needs!

Complete range

Our range includes Gable Top packaging machines for mini-cartons (250ml, 57x57mm cross section) all the way up to 5-litre cartons (140x140mm cross section).

We manufacture both low- & medium-speed packaging systems for small dairies, and also next generation packaging machines featuring state-of-the-art automations and advanced digital services.

Advanced format changeovers

We can guarantee quick format changeovers, without the need to replace mechanical parts.

Together with our customers, we fine-tuned the automated recipe change process to ensure maximum flexibility and the best user experience.

Thanks to increasingly advanced automations, we can minimise human intervention, whilst boosting productivity and performance.

Performance repeatability

When dealing with multiple packaging configurations, accurate design is key to ensure repeatable performance over time, regardless of the chosen recipe.

Our research and development efforts, with the introduction of even stricter packet sealing acceptability criteria in particular, have enabled us to achieve an even better and more consistent sealing quality, especially on the latest models.

A real-time sealing quality prediction system is currently under development.

Thanks to Machine Learning, the packaging machine itself will be capable of discarding unsuitable packets, ensuring more stable production and increasing food safety guarantees.

A single supplier

From packaging consulting to the installation of complete packaging lines, choosing Galdi means you can rely on a single supplier to develop cutting-edge projects, both in terms of machinery and support, also thanks to our highly skilled Project Managers and System Integrators, who are always on hand to assist you, from the initial project idea to commissioning and beyond.