24 February 2022

Galdi's bespoke maintenance contracts

In order to properly maintain your Galdi filling machines, or to enhance their performance, there's nothing better than the manufacturer's insight!

Consistent performance over time, technicians who know the fillers like no one else, and the confidence that you can count on Galdi at all times.

These are just three of the benefits of entrusting Galdi with the maintenance of your filling machine!

The most important one, and also the one many customers are most interested in, remains saving money. If you factor in unwanted downtime, urgent repairs and all the other inconveniences related to suboptimal maintenance, Galdi's maintenance contracts are without a doubt the winners of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) challenge.


When you choose Galdi's Assistance services, you are usually in contact with a dedicated technician.

But there's so much more behind it: a whole team, a pool of resources and many advantages:

  • The manufacturer's insights: Who knows Galdi better than Galdi itself? We take care of our packaging machines like no one else and together with our customers we make sure they evolve with the market.
  • Bespoke contracts: thanks to our experience, we can identify the best maintenance strategy according to customer and production needs, guaranteeing maximum contract flexibility.
  • Expert technicians: we do not outsource assistance! Why should we? Our technicians know Galdi packaging machines inside out. They are a valuable resource during on site visits, as they share suggestions and best practices with our customers.
  • Digital services: our new, enhanced services are just a click away! From a single access point, you can access all After Sales services, which proved invaluable during travel restrictions due to the pandemic.
  • Remote assistance: Galdi created real industry innovation with Through Your Eyes (TYE), our remote video-assistance service, which removes distances and response times.
  • Spare parts: over the last few years, our spare parts E-portal’s interface and services have been improved.
  • Advanced diagnostics: our MaSH platform, updated with the OEE monitoring feature according to EU Directive EN 415-11:2021, is a huge step forward to prevent downtime and also for troubleshooting.


We know perfectly well that each customer has different needs, even when it comes to maintenance.

We listened to their needs and came up with 3 formulas that provide the basis for our bespoke maintenance contracts:


This is our all-inclusive maintenance contract, for customers wishing to entrust Galdi with both maintenance operations and spare parts management.

With this hassle-free formula, it is our job to keep your packaging system running at top performance.

Our team plans all the details, guaranteeing absolute flexibility to suit customer requirements and maximum priority in case of urgency.

For new filling machines, the initial 12-month warranty can be extended with the Extended Plus option.


This formula is for customers wishing to manage spare parts on their own and schedule regular services throughout the year at a discounted rate.

It's ideal for those wishing regular checks to benefit from the know-how of Galdi technicians.

Once again, total flexibility based on the customer's planning schedule is key, with the advantage of a set budget.


During regular or ad-hoc full inspections, our technicians detect any anomalies and determine the best maintenance strategy for your packaging machine.


Have you been handling your filler's maintenance on your own for a few years and would like to improve its performance? Entrust Galdi with a complete reset of your packaging system and restart safely with the Free2Service plan.

A thorough maintenance service to make sure your packaging machine is running optimally and to identify the best maintenance strategy for the future.

We strive to constantly improve and enhance our services. No matter what plan you choose, we are at your disposal to offer you all the After Sales assistance you need!

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