21 October 2021

Galdi's Assistance: More Services, More Innovation

Galdi's Assistance has grown: more staff, services and innovation! Today we are going to look at some of the developments of the last few years

We have more people in the field. The latest addition is the local support team for German-speaking countries that will join Galdi's already existing operational units around the world.

And more solutions too.

Technical assistance goes digital, harnessing the speed, precision and interactivity of Industry 4.0 technologies. The goal is to offer active support and be there when you need us, remotely too!

Here are some of the most recent updates regarding Galdi's Assistance:


We have expanded our training for service engineers and machine operators, focusing on specific topics, such as hygiene best practices to guarantee food safety in the filling area.

Our technicians are also putting together a collection of video tutorials for the most frequent and/or complex maintenance operations.

We started developing this idea during the pandemic lockdown because we wanted to be closer to our customers.

Now this is becoming a proper technical know-how transfer program for maintenance technicians working on Galdi fillers.


With Industry 4.0 technologies we achieved incredible results, bridging distances and ensuring near-zero response times!

"Through Your Eyes" (TYE), our remote video assistance service, connects our technicians in house - via smartphone or tablet - with the operator experiencing a problem.

Our technicians provide real-time support through voice and text instructions, as well as augmented reality, and can also share useful documentation in a few clicks.


Thanks to Big Data and the support of our MaSH platform, we are getting closer and closer to predictive maintenance.

Our engineers are developing a new software, which will make it possible to schedule maintenance operations according to the way a specific filling machine is being used.

This is a step forward compared to our current Scheduled Maintenance Plans (PMP).

The goal of the program is to offer customers bespoke maintenance contracts, reducing both urgent servicing work and the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) as much as possible.


Following the changes made to our e-portal - with spare parts' prices, availability and lead times now always displayed online - we focused on speeding up access to spare parts for food filling machines.In December 2020, Galdi was awarded Approved Exporter and Registered Exporter (REX) status for 42 countries.

Then, in September 2021, we were granted the AEO Customs Simplification (AEOC) authorisation by Italy's customs authority. This will lead to a simplification of customs procedures, reducing shipping times and costs.


Galdi's technical support team has grown!

With new hires in Italy (+3), Europe (+3) and the US (+2).

The latest addition is the new local team for German-speaking countries! To meet our field service engineers for the German-speaking area and find out more about Galdi's new assistance services, register and join us for the video event:


New field service technicians, new resources and new services to offer even more support to your business.