20 January 2022

Packing Dry and Granular Food Products with Galdi

Discover the advantages that Galdi offers for the packaging of flour and powder or granular products in Gable Top containers: advice, quality and hygiene!

Galdi's experience in packaging dry and granular products goes back many years.

Over time, we have developed solutions to pack different types of flours, grains, spices and rubs, as well as sugar, baking powder, flaked and ground products.

Following the launch of Molino Rossetto's premium flour line and Grands Moulins de Paris' first Gable Top for flour on the French market, we have been noticing growing interest from producers wishing to diversify their offering with innovative packaging for their top products!

Gable Top cartons definitely have what it takes, as they:

  • enable to innovate or "dress up" your product
  • are sustainable and recyclable
  • are linked to fresh and quality products by consumers
  • guarantee simple portion control
  • are cheap and yet ideal for premium products.

But what are the benefits of packing flours, dry and granular food products with Galdi? Let's find out together.


Galdi's consulting support starts by listening to our customers' goals and requirements.

It continues with the specific advice on Packaging Development and Microbiology provided by FILL good, the Group’s own start-up.

The goal here is to determine the ideal packaging for a given dry or granular product, based on customer needs, sustainability goals, shelf life requirements, marketing strategies, and product characteristics.

Next we carry out filling tests and can offer customers a number of flexible solutions to test the project's potential on the market.

In other words, we act as partners from the very beginning: we listen to, advise and support our customers in achieving their goals.


The year-long experience with dry and granular products enables us to manufacture customised packaging machines tailored to your product, in line with Galdi's design philosophy.

Whenever we design a new packaging solution, we have two main objectives:

Maintaining product quality

For each new project, we look at the food product first.

The goal is to ensure the best possible conditions to maintain the integrity of the product's physical and organoleptic properties throughout the packaging process.

This includes an accurate analysis of the product's behaviour during the dosing and transport stages, as well as precise temperature control.

Ensuring top filling performance

From developing dust control solutions and advanced systems for ultra-precise dosing, to devising optimal cleaning processes, we always see packaging as a "scientific and repeatable" process.

This ensures top production efficiency and optimum performance over time.

Besides these attributes, a number of additional factors make Galdi's packaging solutions stand out:


Galdi supports customers from the initial packaging idea to the product ready for dispatch.

Thanks to a range of resources available within Gruppo Galdi, we can offer a comprehensive support in terms of machinery and services:

Behind these headings lies a world of solutions for manufacturers wishing to package their dry or granular products with a reliable partner offering a wide range of packaging solutions that add value to their products and business.

To start your journey with us: